Cakes in a Call Box, Inveraray

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Surely the tastiest call box in the world!


Started in 2017 by two young women in an area most people would think was beyond the back of beyond and heavily populated by Highland cattle, Cakes in the Call box was opened by locals Holly Ford and Bron Campbell, who live on this sparsely populated south side of Loch Awe. It is a shiny red re-painted old telephone box.
“There’s no pub, no church and only about 30 people living here so this has been amazing and giving our little community of focus point.”
Only in an area like this would you get the Facebook entry saying “So delicious, big thank you from the bin (dustbin) crew – will be back in six weeks.”
They have had one or two minor setbacks. They moved a mile down the road from Cladich but their sign, chalk on a blackboard was washed away by the rain. An honesty box did so well they never found the cash didn’t tally with cakes, jams and chutneys taken for 2 years, so now regretfully have CCTV cameras installed. But never a down turned sulk. “Unfortunately we had to install a camera last week as we’ve been experiencing some dishonesty. I’m sorry to all our wonderful, loyal customers, this post is not aimed at you, it’s for the minority who haven’t been giving the correct pennies for the items they take”
And they end every year with a big sale to support a charity.
“We use lots of Golden syrup but what to do with the tins? Furnace (near-ish village) primary school children this week made we individual holders for all their goodies”
Roll call of what’s available appears on Facebook; Viennese fingers, custard cream cakes marbled vanilla brownies, lemon and white chocolate shortbread, Valentine’s Day goodies.
Or “ this weekend was extremely special for one of our bakers – she got married!”
Bu even after producing orange aero cake, rocky road, lemon and coconut sponges and special sugary treats for Valentine’s Day and any other special occasion, they still managed to fit in the 10K race at the Great Women’s Run in Glasgow.

Comments come in thick and fast on their Facebook page.

“ Thank you for all the wonderful sweets – this is the best telephone booth in Scotland”
The McArthurs from Canada.

This is a poem
For the cake box
That that I happened upon
On my way to the loch

Your cakes were delicious
The brownies were rich
I’d not thought to find such
On little Cladich

Do thank you for baking
Whoever you are
Coz I was really hungry
After a long time in the car

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Hungry walkers, cyclists, People on the move!

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