Nethy House Cafe, Nethy Bridge

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There’s something to suit everyone at the heart of this popular cafe in the middle of Nethybridge


Sitting in Nethy Bridge café, chatting to owner Karen, it is hard to believe that five years ago this building was an empty shell without running water or an electric supply.
Then, in January 2017, something quite magical started to happen when the Edmondson family decided to purchase the derelict building with the idea of opening “a quiet little café in this quiet little village.” Fast forward to 2022 and they have realised their vision in all but the ‘quiet’! Since the reputation of the café has spread, it now draws in streams of customers wanting to enjoy in the “gallons” of homemade soup and “millions” of homemade scones.
What’s the secret of the Nethy Bridge Café? Ann and I set out to find out.
Their formula of keeping it simple and baking everything on the premise wins hearts and minds. “We try not to be too fancy” says Karen “We have our regulars who come in with their money in hand knowing the price of their tea and scone. Offering good value is really important to us.”
Getting to this stage, however, has not been a piece of cake. It took nearly a year of hard work from buying the shell of the building in January 2017 to it’s opening the following November. For the first six months the family lived in a caravan in the carpark before moving into the end of the building that was to become their home. There must have been times in that Speyside winter when they yearned for the hot soup and warm, fluffy scotch pancakes they would provide once the building was complete.
Baking their own cakes is something that is important to Karen. It means the café can guarantee that what they serves is fresh. If anyone has a special dietary requirement, the team are certain about what ingredients are in each product. “Baking our own cakes is important to me” say Karen “we would never buy in.” The tea served is that family favourite ‘Yorkshire Tea’ (perhaps an echo of Karen’s family’s roots in ‘God’s own County’?) and the coffee is from the wonderful Glen Lyon roasters in Aberfeldy.
The café also serves as a meeting place for locals. On Tuesdays, it’s the walking group and in the winter, there are community activities such as a crochet workshop and a church ‘alpha group’ meeting.
Breakfast is served until midday with a wonderful choice ranging from bacon and eggs to a breakfast bowl of mixed fruit compote and Greek yoghurt topped with the cafe’s homemade granola. All the meat products come from Balliefurth Farm shop next door to the café. The lunch menu includes soup (pea & ham or Thai sweet potato and coconut on the day we visited) sandwiches, falafels (homemade of course!) hot dogs or nachos.
The cakes are a highlight and Ann found the Ecclefechan cake so irresistible that she started eating it before we had a chance to take a photo of it for you (sorry!). As Karen says, here at the Nethy Bridge Café, there is “something for everyone”

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Great For

Hungry Walkers and Cylists, On a budget, chatty lunch

Things to Look Out For

A wide selection of local artists work. Free coffee grounds to ward off slugs in your garden and free small glass jars!