Sinclairs Larder, Edzell

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Sinclair’s Larder, Edzell.
Sitting bang in the middle of Edzell High Street, itself, a wonderful, wide welcoming thoroughfare, Sinclair’s Larder sits like a pool of happiness.
Inside there are jolly rainbow hued comfy seats. Jolly pictures on the wall. Note especially the black and white images of the local stone Dalhousie archway, each with a different vividly coloured umbrella. And the plus of very jolly staff. Question? Why are some of these ladies so slender when surrounded by three tier chocolate cakes? And every known tempting goodie you could imagine?
Sinclair’s Larder is very much a family business and flourishes by serving up locally produced food beautifully presented. The family farm is not far away.
Emma Sinclair, who now runs the Larder persuaded a talented friend to return from New Zealand and sprinkle some baking magic into their cakes. ‘and sales zoomed up by 50%’ recounted Emma, with, it has to said, much glee. (She had been happily surprised by teaching herself bookkeeping, so has a finger on the figures, so to speak) Their Biscoff Millionaire’s Shorty is in such a starry fly-of-the-shelf role now. Mouthwatering.
Homemade cakes, biscuits. Cracking coffee. And who would consume all this? Certainly those who glance up at the sign ‘If eating cake is wrong. I don’t want to be right?’
Before you try the cake though, feast on a hot smoked salmon and king prawn open sandwich or a Haggis and Black pudding Bon Bons with chutney – vegetarian haggis on offer too. All the usual lunch offerings are here, Mac n cheese, Ploughman’s and burgers, all with an imaginative twist to them.
There are a few seats outside where you can watch the world go by, and indeed we sat there one warm afternoon, and right on cue many a pedestrian paused to chat. Locals seem to frequent as much as much as visitors – Emma reckons its about 50/50%.
And we love to sign outside which says
Here at Sinclair’s we love clean air
please, no smoking (in red) It’s only fair.
Emma is keen to support local artists, and there are, for example, wonderful items for sale made by local lass Linda Hoskins, and on the wall is a map to show you just where you are, where you can go for a stroll, with even a cartoon youngster complete with bobble hat striding our purposefully with possessions tied up in a kerchief atop a stick. Wonder where he was off to? And which goodies he has wrapped up to sustain him along the way?

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