Sitheag Inverawe

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Sitheag translates from the gaelic as fairy – and it did indeed feel as if we had landed in a very magical and wonderful place


Sitheag where everything holds together to make a whole.  A tranquil space for wares, books, art foot and drinks

Ann and I were chatting too much and missed the turning off the Oban Road at Bridge of Awe to Sitheag, the newly refurbished café, shop of the famous Inverawe smokery.   We then had to make a sixty-eight point turn once we reached a parking area.  “Look out Nessie!” Ann called to the boot of the car as the somewhat surprised Nessie got up from her prone position to check out why the sudden forward and backward manoeuvring.

Sitheag (Fairy) is about a mile or so off the main road along a single-track road through a beautifully lush ancient rainforest.   It was pouring with good old west coast rain for our visit and so we ran from the car into the warmth of welcoming café where we were treated to a spectacular choice of tea and cake.   I had the Nam Lanh a loose leaf organic black tea and Ann had their organic loose leaf earl grey both produced by    These were individually served in kinto glass tea pots.   I needed the caffeine as we were at the end of a long day, but I was sorely tempted by the list of herbal tisanes and loose-leaf blends made by Rowan of  Sea teas of Kerrara  island – foraged and picked flora from that lovely island just off the mainland at Oban.   Nearly all the baking happens in house with the exceptions of the sourdough which comes from nearby Wild Heath Bakery  and the ice cream from Barcaldine.  Dairy free, gluten free and vegan options are all available

After tea we enjoyed browsing the shop – a fascinating selection of products chosen by the owner whose curatorial practice combines with a desire to only stock and serve products made by producers who “know why they are making it and its effect on the environment” whether that is peanut butter to a notebook.   Everything here is Inspired by the interconnectivity between people land nature and culture.

Sitheag translates from the gaelic as fairy – and it did indeed feel as if we had landed in a very magical and wonderful place.

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The Cafe transforms into a cocktail bar in the evenings!