The Old Post Office & Gallery, Kincraig

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A perfect place to head for delicious Italian coffee and excellent home made wonders


Old Post Office Café and Gallery, Kincraig.
Think Little House in the Prairie meets genuine post office with a touch of east (?) European primary toned stenciling and you have the Kincraigartcafe, The Brae, Kincraig. This is cheerful post office scarlet, red at its very best with the added embellishments of an artist, not surprising as one half of the post office at Kincraig is landscape artist Ann Vastano. Everybody loves that bright red post office scarlet don’t they? So typical of happy British memories, Postman Pat springs to mind, a Guardsman uniform, a certain Scottish or Manchester football club? Even The planters separating the sitting terrace from the road are topped with miniature tin replica post boxes complete with tiny posting slots. Do customers leave pennies inside, I wondered??
This Post Office closed a few years ago, when there was only one customer still collecting a pension in person, but what was the end of one era has metamorphosed into a vibrant new life.
There are a host of joyous surprises in store through the bright red door. A very happy find on a miserable day, weather wise. There is NOTHING like bright scarlet and brewing coffee for life the spirits in a nanosecond, as indeed we found.
Tony is a chef, – ‘Scottish cooking with an Italian flair’ as he puts it. Everything inside the old revitalized done post office has a whiff of the best of Scottish Italian including the coffee. Oh, the coffee! This is coffee from the Ancona area of Italy, where Tony’s family originates from and it’s packed inside, in – surprise – great big red bags! Each area in Italy, Tony explains, has their own distinctive coffee roasting technique. There are other whiffs of Italy. Immediately inside to the left, where the floorboards are gently undulating, worn by generations of post office customers is a stand-up place to revive cyclists passing by. Very typical Italian.
Tony’s family ran a successful business in Aviemore and he says that his training and experience as a chef came in very handy when after they opened the post office in 2019 ( he says that most people thought they were crazy) the dreaded COVID hit but he said that as a chef, he was used to thinking on his feet and the unexpected being the norm.
“Everybody was take away mad” so he started producing something slightly different; homemade for caccia; lovely bagels; a really good high standard of take away street food and it was an instant success.
They had people coming from all over Scotland and as he is a cyclist himself he knew that cyclists and walkers on this little out of the way road would visit. They source and use as much local produce as they can, and now happily open again, such deliciousness as cakes from Gudrun

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Great For

Hungry walkers, cyclists, Families with young kids, art lovers

Things to Look Out For

Wonderful original artwork including by the owner Ann Vastano